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Mercator Assistance Tours and Safaris is a travel agency specialized in organizing sports activities (adventure like Hiking and Biking) and cultural activities as well as tours. Mercator Assistance is the only agency which organizes sporting activities in Rwanda. We have a team of devoted and experienced guides to make your trip very interesting.

Rwanda is not just the land of a thousand hills and a million smiles. It is also a country rich in flora and fauna and a stunning natural beauty, manifested in its scenic rolling hills and breathtaking green savannas. The country boasts some rare species of animals such as the silver back Mountain Gorillas, as well as birds and insects in the tropical forest of Nyungwe. Tourists shouldn’t miss the country’s untouched national parks, especially in Akagera and in Volcanoes national park.

Unlike other places of similar high caliber, Rwanda has yet to be overrun with tourists. Visitors have the opportunity to explore pristine nature and vibrant culture in an authentic setting.